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Orange-Solv Usages
Our product Orange-Solv has been a very big success for most all of the MISCO distributors. The usages for this product seem limitless and to print all possible uses on our container is impossible. In view of this, and the many verbal requests we get for added uses, I have compiled the following list, which may help your sales force find some new areas of sales for Orang-Solv:
Drain conditioner
Rubber burn remover
Tar, oil, asphalt emulsifier
Engine degreaser
Printers ink remover
Chewing gum remover
Shoe polish, wax, crayon mark remover
Decal and bumper sticker remover
Laundry pre-spotter
Lipstick and make-up remover
(From clothing, towels, linens)
Sewage plants
Rug & carpet extraction
Rug & carpet pre-spotting
Adhesive & mastic removal
Dumpster and garbage chute cleaning
Graffiti remover (spray paint, magic marker, etc)
Some food, drink and medicine stain removal
Fryer hood degreasing
Paint brush cleaner & conditioner
Tool cleaner
Cosmoline removal
Parts washer solvent
Safety solvent replacement
Whitewall cleaner
Road equipment cleaner
Auto upholstery spotter
Urinal and toilet cleaner/deodorizer
Athletic equipment cleaner
Golf cart cleaning
Boat cleaning (scum lines, bilge, etc)
Auto pinsetter cleaner
Racquetball court cleaner
(removes black ball marks)
Sawmills (dissolves resin from blade teeth)
Cement, tile, fiberglass cleaning
Dilution rates for above are varied and depend upon soil load, type of substrate, temperature of surface, and type of applicator. Proceed with caution to determine proper dilution rate for each particular use.